Fall Arrest Equipment

We sell and hire fall arrest equipment as well as providing service inspections on a wide range of products here at Lifting & Crane, lifting equipment specialists.

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  • Chain Saw Safety Strap

    Chain Saw Safety Strap

    Used in conjunction with a tree surgeons safety harness. This 1000kg minimum breaking strain webbing strap allows a chainsaw to be safely suspended leaving the operator with both hands free.
  • Fall Arrest Blocks

    Fall Arrest Blocks

    We offer fully trained staff for service and inspections. Fully detailed Certificates of Conformity are supplied.
  • Karabiners and Safety Hooks

    Karabiners and Safety Hooks

    We offer a large range consisting of both steel and lightweight aluminum offering flexibility as well as guaranteed levels of safety.
  • Lifeline with Rope Grab

    Lifeline with Rope Grab

    This is a multi purpose work-positioning device, designed to be clipped to the side dees of a harness or work-positioning belt or used independently. The system can be supplied in a variety of lengths.
  • Mini Web Block

    Mini Web Block

    A retractable mini web block ideal for personal issue to operatives working at height. The unit is designed to be connected, and worn directly on a fall arrest harness.
  • Restraint Lanyard

    Restraint Lanyard

    It is important to understand the principles of “fall restraint” as the Restraint Lanyards can only be used for Fall Restraint, as there is no shock absorption built into the system.
  • Retrieval Block

    Retrieval Block

    Three way retrieval blocks fitted with an up/down winch mechanism and the standard fall arrest capability.
  • Safety Harnessess

    Safety Harnessess

    We offer a range of different Safety Harnesses to suit your requirements and applications. All of which offer the following: -
  • Shock Absorber Lanyard

    Shock Absorber Lanyard

    Lanyards with built in shock absorbers are available in many different lengths.
  • Tripod and Man Riding Winch

    Tripod and Man Riding Winch

    Our man riding winch and tripod is specially designed for confined space work, including rescue and retrieval, entry and egress into manholes and work in silos and trenches.