Lifting & Crane Accessories

We sell lifting accessories and crane accessories which attach the load to the lifting equipment here at Lifting & Crane, lifting equipment specialists.

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  • Chain Sling Fittings

    Chain Sling Fittings

    A vast range of Grade 80 and Grade 100 Alloy Steel fittings are available to suit customer requirements.
  • Chain Slings

    Chain Slings

    Stainless Steel, High Tensile and commonly used Grade 8 and Grade 10 Chain Systems are manufactured to order.
  • Electric Hoists

    Electric Hoists

    A vast range of electric hoists are available in 240/110/400 volts
  • Eyebolts


    Traditional British Standard high tensile Eyebolts, Eyenuts and Deck plates are available in a wide range of sizes. Most of which are available from stock.
  • Hooks


    A large variety of hooks suitable for use with webbing, chain wire and fibre rope are available from stock.
  • Lifting Magnets

    Lifting Magnets

    Permanent Lifting Magnets for fast efficient handling are available from stock with a S.W.L. range from 100-1000kg. No wiring required. All S.W.L.’s are based on a clean polished, flat surface. Spare handles and shackles are kept in stock for all sizes.
  • Multi Leg Webbing Lifting Slings

    Multi Leg Webbing Lifting Slings

    Modern lightweight webbing and roundsling multi-leg assemblies are manufactured to order using Grade 8 hooks and components.
  • Roundslings


    ‘Samson’ high tenacity polyester roundslings are manufactured to the latest European standard (BS EN 1492-2) and colour coded to denote their S.W.L.
  • Shackles


    Traditional British Standard high tensile shackles DIN and US federal specification alloy steel shackles are available from stock. We supply shackles with ‘A’ type screw pins, ‘D’ type safety bolts, square and counter sunk heads for commercial or fishing applications.
  • Vertical Plate Lifting Clamps

    Vertical Plate Lifting Clamps

    The vertical plate lifting clamps may be used to lift and vertically transport steel plates and other construction elements.
  • Webbing Lifting Slings

    Webbing Lifting Slings

    Our own manufactured in house ‘Samson’ range of webbing lifting slings are normally constructed from high tenacity polyester webbing. Other materials such as Nylon or Polypropylene are available for special applications.
  • Wire Rope Slings and Multi-Leg Slings

    Wire Rope Slings and Multi-Leg Slings

    A full range of single leg wire rope strops and multi-leg assemblies are manufactured to customer’s requirements. Various end fittings for attaching the load are also available from stock.