Off-Road Recovery Equipment

We can design, manufacture and service a wide range of Cranes, Jibs & Runways here at Lifting & Crane, lifting equipment specialists.

In-house manufacturing of webbing products, wire ropes and fibre ropes for both standard and bespoke items is offered. Various hardware including shackles, winches and snatch blocks are standard stock items.

Synthetic winch ropes are manufactured to the required length and are all available with a safety hook and end protection.

P.U winch stops can be fitted to prevent thimble/hook damage to the recommended alloy or stainless steel fixed hawser.

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  • Electric Winches

    Electric Winches

    Samson Lifting (UK) Ltd offer a full range of electric winches, suitable for a variety of uses, including vehicle recovery by emergency services.
  • Fairleads


    Galvanised or black finish universal roller fairleads may be purchased as an accessory or as part of a winch accessory kit.
  • Ground Anchors

    Ground Anchors

    A variety of ground anchors including the popular “T” bar and screw in types in 30” and 48” versions can prove extremely handy and are ideal for winch recovery and security anchorage.
  • Jacks


    Bottle jacks ranging from 2-20 tonnes are commonly used as an alternative to the jacks supplied by the vehicle manufacturers. Samson Lifting also offer mechanical farm jacks
  • Kinetic Ropes

    Kinetic Ropes

    For when the extra pulling power is required in towing or recovery, our Kinetic ropes are spliced to order. 8 plait, 24mm Nylon with reinforced eyes, 8mtr long. 12 tonne max breaking strength. Made in house.
  • Nylon Recovery Rope

    Nylon Recovery Rope

    Heavy duty recovery rope 24mm, 3-strand nylon with reinforced eyes and centre wear sleeve, 8mtr long. 12 tonne max breaking strength.
  • Rope Hoists

    Rope Hoists

    These exceptional, adaptable, drum-less winches are available in 3 sizes and come with a 20mtr wire rope and handle. They can be a life saver should your vehicle lose all power and a manual winch is your only way out.
  • Shackles


    Traditional British Standard high tensile shackles, DIN and US federal specification alloy steel shackles and commercial plated shackles are available at Lifting and Crane Services from stock.
  • Snatch Blocks

    Snatch Blocks

    Heavy duty, lightweight snatch blocks can be used to double your pulling capacity or as diverters to pull off-centre loads.
  • Swing Blocks

    Swing Blocks

    Swing blocks can be used to double your pulling capacity or as diverters to pull off-centre loads.
  • Tow Bands

    Tow Bands

    Webbing tow bands made from 100% High Tenacity Polyester with reinforced eyes and centre marking tape. These bands with a 5 ton M.B.S (Minimum Breaking Strain) are also easily stored where space is limited.
  • Tree Strops

    Tree Strops

    Manufactured to customer’s requirements, our tree strops are for use as lifting straps, anchor straps for pulling and include re-enforced eyes. Conforms to BS EN 1492-1.
  • Winch Cables

    Winch Cables

    Winch cables are manufactured to customer’s requirements and are available in many lengths and sizes to suit individual needs.
  • Winch Web

    Winch Web

    The new 5500kg Webbing has been designed with safety in mind. The webbing incorporates two red threads woven into the centre of the webbing, which acts as wear indicators - see red and you know the webbing should be changed.