Cranes, Jibs & Runways

We can design, manufacture and service a wide range of Cranes, Jibs & Runways here at Lifting & Crane, lifting equipment specialists.

We have fully trained engineers for all types and sizes of on-site installation, services, repairs, inspections or breakdowns.

We also offer pre-onsite visits to advise on, or even design for customers particular requirements.  Annual or 6-monthly inspections of all lifting equipment and accessories is available both on-site and in-house and fully detailed test certificates are supplied.

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  • Cranes


    Lightweight, light duty manual cranes or heavy duty electric cranes are designed and manufactured by Lifting and Crane Services to suit customer requirements.
  • floor crane

    Floor Crane

    Here at Lifting and Crane Services, we supply a range of hydraulic floor cranes, and a S.W.L of 250kg to 2000kg is available.
  • lifting beams and fabrications

    Lifting Beams and Fabrications

    Lifting and Crane Services can design bespoke lifting and spreader beams to customers requirements
  • mobile gantry

    Mobile Gantry

    Samson Lifting can design and manufacture mobile gantries to suit customer requirements.
  • Runways


    Lifting and Crane Sevices design, manufacture and install all types of overhead runway systems.
  • Swing Jibs

    Swing Jibs

    Samson Lifting design, manufacture and install many types of swing jib.