Tripod and Man Riding Winch

Our man riding winch and tripod is specially designed for confined space work, including rescue and retrieval, entry and egress into manholes and work in silos and trenches.

Our man riding winches and tripods can offer guaranteed safety when raising, lowering and supporting personnel, and are an essential choice when working at height or working in confided spaces. 

The Man Riding Winch has a 50cm per handle turn allowing for rapid retrieving/lowering of cable, allowing for the operative to be winched up or down to safety almost immediately. 

Most rescue systems can only lower the casualty, but the man riding winch can raise the operative to a safe area if the area below is unsuitable as well. 

The tripod is portable, lightweight and is easy to erect on site. It has adjustable lower and middle legs at 80mm intervals to adapt and adjust to uneven surfaces and varying ground conditions. There are 2 additional anchorage points (SWL 200kg each) on the underside of the head for additional primary/secondary systems.

Tripod and Man Riding Winch

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