Endless Webbing Lifting Slings

Lifting and Crane Services manufacture endless webbing lifting slings in-house from high tenacity polyester webbing and conform to BSEN 1492 2000 (+A1:2008)

Our endless lifting slings are popular in the steel tube and timber industries.  Being endless, each lift bears on a different part of the webbing.  Re-useable lifting slings are manufactured to the same EU standards as Duplex and Simplex lifting slings and are colour coded likewise.  Duplex (double thickness) endless lifting slings are also available.  One-way lifting slings for pre-slinging are available but with a 5:1 safety factor for use outside of the E.U only.

Other materials such as Nylon or Polypropylene are available for special applications. Basic lifting slings are either Duplex (double thickness) or Simplex (single thickness) or in endless form either Simplex or Duplex. Manufactured to the latest European standards (BS EN 1492-1) all slings within that range are colour coded for easy S.W.L. identification.

We recommend the use of wear sleeves to prolong the life of these lifting slings. Specialised Cargo Nets are also available constructed from webbing using the same 7:1 safety factor.

Also available with metal end fittings.

Endless Webbing Lifting Slings

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